November 26, 2009

Session 1 : Aquaculture and microencapsulation

9:20Aqualculture: the Chilien challenge
Adolfo Alvial (Chile)
9:50Introduction to encapsulation
Denis Poncelet (Capsulae, France)
11:00Aquaculture in Brazil
Maria Cellia Portella (Caunesp, Brazil)
11:30Fulfilling the dietary requirements of fish. Nutrition needs technology
Jorge Dias (Sparos, Portugal)

Session 2 : Nutrition

14:00Challenges in the delivery of nutrients to marine suspension-feeders
Chris Langdon (Oregon University, USA)
14:30Microencapsulated diets for early fish larvae. Yesterday's utopia, tomorrow's reality
Manuel Yufera (CSIC, Spain)
15:00Delivery of water soluble nutrients to live feed
Andreas Nordgreen (Nifes, Norway)
16:10Mass production and use of liposome for feeding filter feeders in aquaculture
Yoav Barr (Nofina, Norway)
16:40Development of delivery devices through microencapsulation and their use in Brazilian aquaculture
Angela M. Moraes (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

November 27, 2009

Session 3 : Health and Marine valorisation

09:00Oral immunity against fish pathogens: the SRS vaccine example
Jaime Tobar (Centrovet, Chile)
09:30Listeria control in fish aquaculture
Renate Schoebitz (Austral University, Chile)
10:00Probiotics for aquaculture
Carlos Riquelme (Universidad de Antofagasta)
11:00Encapsulation of fish oil
Stephan Drusch (Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany)
11:30Immobilized algua for water treatment
Luz de-Bashan (CIBNOR, Mexico)
12:00Bio-diesel production by micro-algue
Mariella Rivas (Universidad de Antofagasta)

Session 4 : Building collaborative research and business !

14:00An example of international scientific collaboration
Matias H. Madina (AVS Chile, Chile)
14:30Round Table